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Pricelist and opening hours of Wellness centre

The interior of the wellness center, relaxing music, fragrances and decorations stimulate soothing feelings of the visitors. Contributing to their overall physical and psychological recovery and revitalization..

Finnish sauna has beneficial impacts on health and is an excellent prevention against various diseases. Its main impact is release of musculoskeletal system and consequent overall relaxation. It also affects regulation of blood pressure and body temperature. Glands activity is activated and therefore body is detoxicated and imunity system improved. Recommended length of stay is maximum 15 minuts  at 15% humidity and temperature of 85-100°C. Cooling with cold water is recommended at the end of sauna stay.

Sauna ceremonies, some also attended by trained sauna masters provide more intense experience of our wellness center. You can choose chocolate, mud, salt, yogurt and algal peeling and many other procedures.

Infra sauna is an excellent environment for relaxation. This form of sauna stay equally heats not only surface but also in-depth parts of the body. The increase in the internal temperature causes improved blood circulation in the organs, stimulates the immune system and speeds up metabolism. This helps fat, cholesterol as well as  metals burning. Infra sauna does not burden the body and is suitable for cardiac patients. At 10% humidity and temperature of 40-60 °C recommended duration of stay is 20-30 minutes, preferably in repeated 10 minute treatments.

Herbal sauna is suitable for relaxation in an environment filled with herbal aromas. Higher humidity benefits the skin of whole body, moisturizes it and heats the body. Steem purifies skin pores, supports its elasticity and helps getting rid of toxins from the body. Herbs are beneficial to psychical relief, have a stimulating effect and strengthen the immune system. Recommended duration of stay at 50-60% humidity and temperature of 55-65 °C is 15 minuts  in repeated 2-3 treatments.

Steam sauna and steem bath with essences primarily affect the airways and contribute  to the muscles release. This improves breathing and better quality oxygenation of the body. Steem bath has positive effects on rheumatic problems, joint pain, sleeping disorders, sprains and mild depression. Recommended duration of stay at 50-100% humidity and temperature of 45-65 °C is 10-20 minutes.