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Opening hours:
Mo - Th: 13:00 - 21:00
Fr - Su & holiday: 09:00 - 21:00

Aqua World

Aqua World consists of three main pools:

Wave pool is characterised by surge simulation, relaxing pool offers plenty of different massage jets (spinal etc.). Massage pool with water massage beds provides whole body hydromassage.

Supreme quality stainless steel was used for pool construction which is one of the most quality materials available. It is characterised by nonproblematic maintenance and very long operational life.

When talking about Thermalpark´s pool water disinfection one of the most modern technologies has been used and that is membrane electrolysis unit CHLORINSITU III. It means that directly in Thermal park ultraclean solution of sodium hypochlorite is produced from salt (NaCl) through electolysis. The solution of sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant which prevents pervasive chlorine odor and does not irritate eyes nor skin.

Apart from pools other atractions are prepared for visitors, namely:

Naturally, quality relax must be enriched by wide variety of food and drinks which will be ensured by Thermalpark´s restaurant. Moreover, plenty of chairs for resting are at disposal. Quiet zone located at the first floor is prepared for visitors looking for peace and quiet environment. Thermal pool with highly mineralised geothermal water, as well as child water interactive playground or relaxing pool are being build in Thermalpark´s exterior area and the expected date of completion is summer 2014. All year round Thermalpark itself offers its visitors 600m2 of water area. Current visitors capacity of Aqua World is 550 persons.